Nicaragua, 2002-2008

Light passes through a tiny hole and projects an upside-down image of reality. This is the principle of the camera obscura, one of the age-old devices that led to the development of photography, and which inspired this project, created with child workers in Nicaragua. In a series of workshops held thanks to various local organizations, including the Institute of Human Promotion (INPRHU) and Save the Children, Nicaragua, the children took pictures with camera obscuras made out of old tin cans they had found. The project travelled around the country, stopping in Somoto, Ocotal, Estelí, Las Sabanas, Nuevo León, La Chureca, Bonanza, Ometepe Island and elsewhere. With media transference as the starting point, whereby the subjects themselves learn to use audiovisual tools, the pictures show the children’s own vision of forced labour, driven by market globalization and neoliberal policies.

Nuria Carton De Grammont Curator and art historian