Escenario de mujer [SCENES WITH WOMEN]

Escenario de mujer [SCENES WITH WOMEN]

San Pedro Ecatepec, Mexique, 2010

A photographic exhibition featuring local women was displayed on the adobe and brick walls of San Pedro Ecatepec, a small town in the municipality of Atlangatepec, Tlaxcala state. The pictures, taken with camera obscuras, depict various domestic chores the women do every day to support their families and the community—washing, sweeping, hanging out the laundry, cooking and caring for people, for instance. Generally speaking, this kind of work is unpaid and socially unrecognized, and symptomatic of gender inequality. The exhibition, held during a festival, was laid out in a circuit. The use of public space served to highlight and dignify this private sphere work.

Nuria Carton De Grammont
Curator and art historian